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Goliath is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of toys and games. We have offices in 15 countries and distribution channels reaching over 100 countries. At Goliath, we believe in the power of a good product and the spark of innovation, where product is king and innovation is key. These principles have been the foundation of our success since our founding in 1980 by Adi Golad.

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An Ambition From 1980 Made Reality

Our story is both rich and inspiring. The magic began with the distribution of Rummikub, a game discovered by Adi’s wife, Margreet, during a desert trip in 1978. Their dedication to the game, coupled with entrepreneurial spirit, saw it become the #1 game in the Netherlands by 1986. However, the legacy of Goliath goes further back. In 2014, we acquired Pressman Toy Corporation, founded in 1922. As we journeyed, our family grew with the acquisition of companies like Jax, Crown & Andrews, and Vivid Toy Group, enriching our global offering.



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At Goliath, we are dedicated to building global brands while staying true to our roots as a family business. We embrace a mission that is both simple and powerful: bringing fun to every household. Our people are the driving forces behind our worldwide reach, successfully delivering a wide range of toys and games to retailers and families across the globe. We pride ourselves on our unique blend of local teams who collaborate globally. 

Open Positions

We invite those who are passionate about making a difference in the world of toys and games to explore career opportunities with us.

Our Products & Brands

Goliath offers a wide variety of toys, games, and outdoor products. For more details and a complete overview of our products, visit the local Goliath websites.

Strong partnerships

We’re always looking for the next groundbreaking idea and remain passionate about fostering ties with emerging talents. We are a regular presence at the leading toy fairs, but you can also submit your concept. Let’s be clever together to perhaps bring your idea to life!

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We handle your personal information with caution and care. To learn more about our privacy policy, visit our Privacy Policy website.

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Our Commitment to Responsibility

At Goliath, we believe in an industry that’s not only enjoyable but also ethical, safe, and sustainable. Below are the pillars of our Code of Conduct, which reflects the principles of what we stand for.

Around The World

Goliath has global presence with 15 offices around the world, each contributing to our vibrant and innovative culture. Among these, our four largest offices stand as pillars of creativity and collaboration.


Vijzelpad 80

8051 KR Hattem

The Netherlands


710 Presidential Dr, Ste 100

Richardson, TX 75081

United States

United Kingdom

Ashbourn House,
The Guildway, Old Portsmouth Road,

Guildford, SR GU31LS, GB.

United Kingdom

Hong Kong

Unit 1106, 11th Floor, Chinachem Golden Plaza

77 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong