Goliath – Where Innovation Lives – Games & Toys

At Goliath, we believe in a culture of fun and innovation. As part of the Goliath family, you’ll step into a world with diverse backgrounds but shared values, reflecting the strong influence of our family business ethos.

A Focus on Respect and Integrity

Each member of our team, as well as our partners, are treated with respect. Integrity is important in our operations, ensuring that everyone feels valued and part of the Goliath family. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace, where everyone’s contribution is acknowledged and celebrated.

Passion for Product Innovation

Within Goliath, product is king. And yes: that might require hard work and pushing boundaries. Our passion for innovation drives us, with the goal of spreading fun in homes around the globe. Fun is not just a part of our mission at Goliath; it is the essence of the toys and games we develop.

A Collaborative and Energetic Team

Our team members describe Goliath as welcoming, friendly, and full of energy. Collaboration and our guiding principle Clever Together is deeply embedded in our culture. We believe in the power of working together creatively and innovatively, making our workplace filled with ideas and shared successes.

Your profile

Goliath is active in the rapidly changing landscape of consumer products, such as toys and games, flexibility and adaptability are key. We encourage our people to learn from past experiences and to constantly look forward to innovative solutions. At Goliath, personal and professional development are valued. Where possible, we support our team members in their growth journey. Do you recognize yourself? We invite you to join Goliath, and let your talents and ideas flourish in an environment that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and fun.